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Novi residents on the City’s Waste Management contract will receive a 96-gallon trash cart and 64-gallon recycling cart that will feature a serial number coded to their address. Residents must use the 64-gallon cart for recycling but do not have to use the 96-gallon cart for trash.  Additional carts can be rented for $4 per month.

Residents have a one-time option, within 30 days of receiving their cart, to swap out the 96-gallon trash cart for a 64-gallon trash cart. They also can return trash cart and opt to use their own cart - so long as it is 35 gallons or less - or use trash bags. Complete the postcard attached to your cart or call 866-797-9018 to complete the swap.

Cart Use and Care

Here are some guidelines for how to care for your garbage and recycling carts If your cart is missing or damaged, please contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018:

  • Do not place heavy items in the cart, such as concrete, sand, gravel or soil.
  •  Rinse the cart out with water from time to time. If odor exists, then use a mild soap and water to wash the cart.
  •  Do not exceed the weight limits listed on the cart.
  •  Hot items such as BBQ, ashes or fire will destroy the cart, and should never be placed in the cart.
  • Hazardous materials, chemicals, or flammable liquids should not be put in the cart.
  •  Never roll the cart with the lid open.
  • Do not place the cart on slopes.
  • Dragging the cart will wear a hole in the bottom. Please make sure to use the wheels to transport the cart from you home to the curb on collection days.
  • Playing on or in the cart can cause injury or entrapment, and should not be done.

If your cart is missing or damaged, please contact Waste Management at 866-797-9018.

96-Gallon Waste Cart  64-Gallon Recycing Cart