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Snow Removal

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Sidewalk / Pathway Maintenance Guide

Notice of Snow Emergency Ordinance

Let it Snow... Novi is Ready (Winter 2017 Novi Today article)

 Snow Removal Brochure


Anti-Icing Program

Road treated with de-icing

Have you ever wondered what those wet stripes are that you sometimes see on the roads during the winter months? They are actually part of our winter anti-icing program and one of the winter maintenance tools that DPW uses even if snow isn’t in the forecast. The liquid is a solution of saltwater (or brine) and de-sugared beet extract which is applied to roads as a precautionary measure to address roads that may become slippery later.

"Second Shovel"

 Tips on how to avoid the "Second Shovel"

Damaged Mailboxes

Damaged Mailbox

Despite best efforts by snowplow operators to be cautious when plowing near mailboxes, occasionally a box is damaged. In most cases the damage is not directly from the plow, but the force of the accumulated snow. If your mailbox is damaged and in need of repair, please contact the Department of Public Works at 248-735-5640 or 248-735-5623. Normal business hours are 7:30am to 4pm, Monday-Friday.


The DPW is monitoring roads throughout Novi. If you encounter a pothole, please report it by calling 248-735-5640 or 248-735-5623.  Click here for more information on Potlholes.


March 28, 2013 - Novi's Department of Public Works Receives APWA 2013 Excellence in Snow and Ice Control Award (APWA Press Release)


The Novi Fire Department asks everyone to help keep the snow cleared from around fire hydrants on your property.

DPS Snow Plow

Winter Maintenance Map


What about sidewalks?

Man standing with shovel near sidewalkThe City's ordinance requires residents and business owners to clear all ice and snow from sidewalks within 48 hours of the end of a snow storm with an accumulation greater than two inches. For lots that abut intersections, this also includes clearing sidewalk ramps.

DPW clears sidewalks on City-owned property as well as along certain major roads in Novi.

City of Novi Sidewalk Snow Clearing Areas

Read more about sidewalks and pathways here.

All you need to know....about SNOW (and its removal!)

The City of Novi's Department of Public Works provides snow and ice removal services to maintain safe conditions for motorists, as well as for pedestrians on City-owned property. This winter, Novi's DPW crews will maintain all public roads in the city, except those maintained by the Road Commission for Oakland County (Haggerty Road, Eight Mile Road, Napier Road, Pontiac Trail, and Fourteen Mile Road), and the Michigan Department of Transportation (I-96, I-696, I-275, and M-5).

DPW follows these established priorities to systematically remove snow and ice from City roads:

  • Major roads, emergency routes, school bus routes.
  • Police and fire facilities, bridges, and local / residential streets with significant hills and / or curves.
  • Local / residential streets, public parking lots and sidewalks abutting city-owned property.

The following winter road maintenance policy was adopted in order to reduce costs, preserve worker safety and protect the environment without jeopardizing public safety:

Level 1: Snowfall Less Than Four (4) Inches; No Accumulation of Ice

Major city and county roads will be plowed and salted on a continuous basis as needed to keep the pavement as bare as possible at all times. Once major roads are cleared, local roads will be plowed and spot-salted on a continuous basis as needed at steep grades/sharp curves and at intersections only. During normal weekday working hours, local roads will be cleared to keep the pavement as bare as possible.

Level 2: Snowfall of Four (4) Inches or More; Any Accumulation of Ice

Major city and county roads will be plowed and salted on a continuous basis as needed to keep the pavement as bare as possible at all times. Once major roads are cleared, local roads will be plowed and salted on a continuous basis as needed to keep the pavement passable at all times during a storm. Crews will continue to work on local roads on a continuous basis to achieve bare pavement once the storm has ended.

In addition to deploying plows for snow removal operations, DPW uses pre-wetted rock salt to prevent ice from forming on the pavement, and to melt ice if it does accumulate. DPW crews also spread sand on recently-paved concrete roads and on bridge decks .

How You Can Help

There are several ways in which citizens can help make this winter's snow and ice removal operations much smoother:

  • Interacting with City snow and ice control equipment - Always stay a safe distance of at least 50 feet behind DPW trucks.
  • Sidewalk clearing - it is your responsibility to clear the sidewalk abutting your property per City ordinance.
  • Mailbox clearing - it is also your responsibility to clear around your mailbox, otherwise the U.S. Postal Service may not deliver your mail.
  • Driveway clearing - When your street gets plowed, snow from the plow's blade gets deposited along the edge of the street - including at the entrance to your driveway. Please be aware that the City does not plow drive approaches. Also, please do not move snow back into the roadway as it creates an added hazard for vehicles, plus it violates the city's ordinance.
  • Potholes - occasionally during the winter, potholes will develop in the pavement - especially when there are multiple freeze/thaw cycles. Please report potholes to DPW and they will be filled as soon as practical.
  • Items in the right-of-way - occasionally, items placed in the public right-of-way get damaged by snow removal operations. Please remove items such as portable basketball hoops, lawn ornaments, statuary, etc. so they do not become damaged. The City is NOT responsible for damage to items left in a street's right-of-way.
  • Children - snow banks and snow plows are kid magnets. Please make sure your children do not play on a street's snow banks, and that they stay a safe distance away from plows working on your street.

Please call the Department of Public Works at 248-735-5640 if you have any questions or concerns about snow and ice removal on Novi's roads. Normal office hours are 7:30am to 4:00pm.

Snow Clearing Diagram

Snow/Driveway graphic showing where snow should be cleared