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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


July 2019 - Fire Protection Officer, Patrick Deneau

Public Safety Employee of the Month - Fire Protection Officer, Patrick Deneau
Public Safety Employee of the Month - Fire Protection Officer, Patrick Deneau

I wish to extend my appreciation and congratulations to you on your nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month – July 2019. You were nominated because of your passion, commitment, zeal, and zest during the 2019 Novi Police and Fire Leadership academy.

During the month of July, the Police and Fire Leadership Academy hosted twenty-five participants ranging in ages from 13 to 16 years of age. According to School Resource Officer, Detective Zabick, “This year's Leadership Academy was the best program to date. The leadership and instruction demonstrated by Fire Protection Officer Patrick Deneau, Detective Julie Warren, and Performance Analyst Yuliya Harris, took the program to a new level. This year’s Academy revealed abundant creativity and tremendous organization. Coordination of the week was often completed during personal time in order to facilitate a successful event. As a long time contributor to the Academy, I am particularly aware of the hard work required to ensure a positive week. The collaborative effort of the planning committee was well received and evident throughout the program.”

Patrick, your enthusiasm in particular stood out; your peers on the leadership team identified you as going above and beyond expectations, showcasing your leadership and character to all the attendees. During physical training you wore turn-out gear and supervised all the groups by participating in the climbing of the training tower six times! You identified students who were struggling and encouraged them to keep up, boosting their self-esteem. The student’s verbal comments and beaming faces made it clear that they looked forward to attacking the daily fitness obstacles with you; among all the instructors it was evident they valued your camaraderie above all.

Your passion, guidance, and investment to our youth is bar none! The men and women of the Novi Police and Fire Departments congratulate you on being named Public Safety Employee of the Month – July - 2019.


July 2019 - Fire Protection Officer, Patrick Deneau

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