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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month


January 2021 - Matt Marken, Fire Protection Officer

Matt Marken, Fire Protection Officer
Matt Marken, Fire Protection Officer

Due to your effort, determination, and dedication to the citizens of Novi and the staff of the Novi Public Safety teams, I want to thank and congratulate you on your selection as the January 2021 Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month. You were nominated by Captain Mark Theisen and Fire Protection Officer Brian Luke for your dedication and active role in updating the map books in all the fire apparatus to make sure that they were accurate and complete.

Captain Theisen stated that you found that some of the streets and complexes were not currently up to date and many new complexes have been added. You took it upon yourself to contact and work closely with GIS to update the discrepancies, add the needed complexes, and make sure the most up to date information was in the books. You also noticed that many of the books were falling apart, so you to the initiative to make-up brand-new books for every apparatus and made sure that the old books were removed from service and replaced with the updated books. You also took the time to explain many of the updates to our team members.

Your profound dedication to your profession was noticed by several member of the Fire Department resulting in multiple nominations. You embody teamwork, initiative, and hard work, and through your actions exemplify the core values of the Novi Public Safety Team.

Congratulations to you on being named as the January 2021 Public Safety Employee of the Month.


January 2021 - Matt Marken, Fire Protection Officer

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