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Common Ordinances and Laws

Paint Ball Guns
Golf Carts on Roadways


Gopeds/ Mopeds/ Electric Vehicles

In late 2006 the Michigan Legislature amended MCL 257.25b and modified the definition of a low speed vehicle to conform to federal standards. As now defined, a low speed vehicle means a four-wheeled motor vehicle whose speed attainable in 1 mile is more than 20 mph but not more than 25 mph on a paved level surface.

A low speed vehicle must be equipped as necessary under both federal standards and Michigan Law.

The operator must have a driver license and the vehicle must be registered and insured.
If the cart is not equipped as necessary it can only be legally operated on a highway, (including the right-of-way) in the state of Michigan, under very strict circumstances. In those situations it would be defined as an ORV found in MCL 324.81101 and circumstances allowing operation on a highway while severely limited can be found in the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, MCL 324.81122 .

Question: Where can I legally ride a goped?

Answer: A goped, while not specifically defined in the Michigan Vehicle Code, does fall under the definition of a moped (MCL.257.32b) . Mopeds are required to have certain equipment such as; a headlight, brake light, seat, horn, muffler, and brakes on each wheel, in order to be legally operated on the roadway. In addition, the operator of a moped must be at least 15 years of age, have a moped license or an operator/chauffeur license, and the vehicle must be registered with the Department of State and display a valid registration plate. Finally, a person operating a moped must wear an approved crash helmet if they are under 19 years of age.

Because gopeds are not equipped with the required equipment they cannot be legally driven on the roadway. Also, by definition they are a motor vehicle and therefore cannot be driven on a sidewalk constructed for use by pedestrians.

The Novi Police Dept. would like to clarify the laws regarding Mopeds.

  1. License / Drivers Age:
    Minimum drivers age is 15 yrs old and a special Moped license must be obtained from the Secretary of State. Otherwise a valid drivers license is needed.
  2. Helmet Use:
    Less than 19 yrs of age must wear an approved motorcycle helmet.
  3. Driving on the Sidewalk or Bike Paths:
    Is not permitted.
  4. Roadway Use:
    Mopeds may be operated on the roadway if it displays a valid permit and all traffic laws are obeyed. Mopeds must be driven as near to right side of the roadway as possible.
  5. Driving with Passengers:
    No passengers are permitted.
  6. Registration:
    Mopeds are required to be registered with the Secretary of State and a registration decal must be affixed to the rear bumper.

Contact the Novi Police Department at 248-348-7100 regarding any questions.


Go-Peds are not permitted to be operated within The City of Novi.

Go-Peds fall under the definition of a Moped. However, without all of the accessories needed for operation, i.e., SEAT, REARVIEW MIRROR, HORN, HANDLEBAR HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS, STOP / BRAKE LIGHT, FRONT & REAR BRAKES, and HEAD LIGHT, this type of vehicle can not be operated in the roadway and laws prevent the use of it on a side walk.

Also, City of Novi ordinances prevent the operation of "Go-Peds" on private property.

Contact the Novi Police Department at 248-348-7100 regarding any questions.

Paint Ball Guns

City of Novi ordinance prevents the possession or use of a "PAINT BALL" gun outside of ones domicile.

This ordinance also applies to all air guns, BB guns, gas operated guns, spring gun, slingshots, wrist rockets, peashooter, or any bow.

Contact the Novi Police Department at 248-348-7100 regarding any questions.


Golf Carts on Roadways

Are golf carts legal to drive on the roadway?  We've received a number of calls recently in relation to the legality of golf carts being driven on the roadway. The Novi Police Department would like to clear up some misunderstandings and misconceptions about use of these types of vehicles.

The definition of a Low Speed Vehicle was amended in 2006 to include vehicles that are powered by gasoline, propane, electric, or any other current or future form of motive technology. Golf carts have to meet all current federal motor vehicle safety standards, as well as EPA emission standards. 

If a low speed vehicle (golf cart) is not equipped with a roof that meets federal standards for rollover protection, the occupants are required to wear approved helmets.

Low speed vehicles are limited to the type of road that they can be operated on.  They are limited to streets with a speed limit of 35 mph or less, and cannot be operated faster than 25 mph.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Novi Police Department at 248-348-7100