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Parents Who Hose Lose the Most... Don't be a Party to Teenage Drinking

With spring graduation upon us, the Novi Police Department is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of all young people throughout our community. The men and women of the Novi Police Department are committed to forming proactive partnerships with organizations throughout our fine city to ensure the well-being of Novi youth. It is important that parents and young people understand the ramifications and deadly consequences that can come from underage alcohol consumption. The Novi Police Department strongly discourages this unlawful activity and will remain proactive in the illegal use of alcohol by our young people.

BeerGraduating from high school is a milestone in your child’s life and signifies a major step toward the privileges and responsibilities of adulthood. All of us here at the Novi Police Department realize that this is a joyous time in your senior’s life and we want it to be the happiest occasion possible. Once again this year, the Novi Police Department is taking part in the public awareness campaign "Parents Who Host Lose the Most – Don’t Be a Party to Teenage Drinking." This campaign is focused on making the graduation season a safe and healthy one for all our students. We urge you to join us in strongly supporting zero tolerance for underage drinking and illegal drug use. Here’s what you can do:

  • Keep an open line of communication with your teen, but be firm in the "no alcohol use before age 21" message you give your student.
  • Never host or provide alcohol to anyone under 21. It’s illegal, unsafe, unhealthy and it can have deadly results.
  • Don’t allow your student to host or attend a party that is unsupervised by adults. Call the adult in charge of any party your teen attends. Make sure you are in agreement about what the adult supervision will be.
  • As an adult role model if you drink, consider making low-risk drinking choices, only 1 drink per hour and no more than 3 drinks per occasion. Never drink and drive. Your actions speak louder than words.
  • Talk to your teen about how to say no to risky situations involving alcohol or drugs and still save face with their friends. Report underage drinking to your local law enforcement.
  • Tell your teen that they can call you at any time they are in a risky situation. No questions asked.
  • Team up and talk with other parents.
  • Provide opportunities for your student to host safe, alcohol-free parties and activities.
  • If you suspect your student has an alcohol or drug problem, seek help. Contact your school counseling office or your local Youth Assistance Office.
  • Remember to let your student know you love them.
  • Help your child feel good about him/her self and develop strong values. Tell them you place high value on their special qualities and that drugs and alcohol will destroy those qualities. Discuss core values such as honesty and responsibility.
  • Report underage drinking to local law enforcement.
  • City of Novi Ordinance #22, Section 217 prohibits an open house party where alcoholic beverages or controlled substances are consumed or possessed by underage persons. We all love our children. Let’s help them start their adult lives by setting a good example for them with a safe and healthy graduation open house.

    If I or any member of the Novi Police Department can ever assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me at 248-347-0504 or via email.