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Crossing Guard Etiquette

Drivers need to be extra cautious as children return to school. Failure to stop at a school crossing when a guard is holding up a stop sign is a misdemeanor.

Parents should educate their children on the following safety tips when using a crosswalk.

School Children in front of schoolPedestrians

  • Wait on the sidewalk for the Crossing Guard to stop traffic and tell you its safe to cross in the crosswalk.  Remember the Crossing Guard is there for your safety.
  • Walk, do not run, and stay between the white lines painted on the street.

Bike Riders

  • Get completely off your bike before crossing the street.
  • Walk your bike across the street, staying between the white lines painted on the street.
  • Do not get back on your bike until you have completely crossed the street and walked over the white line painted on the sidewalk.


  • Stop for stop sign and remained stopped until the crossing guard steps onto the sidewalk.
  • Once the crossing guard is on the sidewalk, look to ensure that no children remain on the roadway before proceeding.