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Public Fire Education

Firefighter in classroom with group of children.The Novi Fire Department provides Public Fire Education to both children and adults in the community.  Fire safety programs are provided to both school aged and pre-school aged children. The messages include:

  • Exit drills in the home
  • Smoke detectors testing and what to do if they sound the alarm
  • Don’t play with matches, lighters and fire
  • Stop, Drop and Roll
  • Calling 911 for help in an emergency

Mom and child with Sparky the Fire Dog.Public Fire Education for adults include:

  • Fire extinguisher use
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • How to make your home fire safe
  • The Fire Department will install smoke detectors in your home for seniors, families in need, and families with children.
    • The Fire Department provides battery-operated smoke detectors only.
    • If the resident buys the hard-wired detectors, the plugs MUST be the same for each or have an adapter to plug into each plug, unplug old and plug in new. The Fire Department will not cut or splice any wires. Resident MUST get an electrician to install detectors.
    • The Fire Department will not disassemble furniture to install a smoke detector.

Contact the Novi Fire Department at 248-735-5674 for information about any Public Fire Education programs.

Partnership in Excellence Program

Partnership in Excellence ProgramThe Novi Fire Department partners with Providence Hospital and the Novi High School to educate young adults about medical careers. Novi High School students receive a presentation twice a year, fall and spring about the value of medical education to emergency responders by the departments Training Officer. Students are provided a tour of the Novi Fire Department EMS units. The Novi Fire Department has participated with Novi High School and Providence Hospital in the “Partnership in Excellence” program since 2007.  Several students have expressed interest about a career in the Fire Department. This gives the students a great opportunity to ask questions about pre-hospital careers that are available to them in the health field.

High School students posed with firefighters at the fire station.