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ITC Corridor Trail

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ITC Corridor Trail Route

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The ITC Corridor Trail is depicted on the City’s 2011 Non-Motorized Master Plan. It will provide a four-mile, non-motorized recreation link traversing the entire City of Novi from north to south, connecting the Ascension Providence Hospital (formerly St. John Providence) campus near 11 Mile and Beck Roads to ITC Community Sports Park at Eight Mile and Napier Roads.  Ultimately, this trail will link regional facilities – such as Maybury Park, the I-275 Corridor and Hines Park – in the neighboring communities of Northville, Livonia and Westland with parks in Novi.

Once the ITC Corridor Trail is complete, park enthusiasts will be able to hike and bicycle between different parks and communities instead of risking sharing traffic lanes with larger motor vehicles or packing their equipment into their own motorized vehicle. This project will allow people to get between parks and to our local communities safely while improving their personal health and cutting back on motorized vehicle emissions. This corridor strengthens the local economy, helps to build sustainable communities and improves the quality of life by creating new recreational opportunities. The trail is an important link in the overall plan
for linking recreation throughout the state.

The City of Novi and ITC Holdings began discussing the project in 2011 before breaking ground in 2013. The easement provided by ITC Holdings allows for the trail to run along their corridor at a safe distance from the power lines. The trail’s proximity to the power line corridor in some areas also allows for the public to act as a secondary reporting mechanism for ITC Holdings, providing more eyes and ears on the power lines to help deter vandalism and provide quicker repairs from storm damage when needed. Funding for the trail was primarily generated by the City of Novi, with contributions from the Novi Parks Foundation and a State of Michigan Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant.


ITC Corridor Trail

September 28, 2019

Join us for the GRAND OPENING COMMUNITY WALK at the ITC Corridor Trail. You will be able to walk, bike, or ride the completed ITC Corridor Trail. Prizes will be given out along the trail; the further you go, the more you will receive. Light refreshments will be served before the walk begins.

Check-In is at 9:00am, and the walk begins at 9:15am. Parking is available at the 11 Mile Road entrance.

For more information, call the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department at 248-347-0400. Non-motorized traffic only on the ITC Corridor Trail. No restroom access on the trail.

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August 23, 2019

The installation of 2,000 feet of boardwalk is complete and the full trail is nearing completion.

Aug. 1, 2019

Asphalt has been laid north of 10 Mile Road and final grading south of 10 Mile will be done soon. Boardwalk is nearly complete.

July 12, 2019

The wet spring caused significant delays in the construction of the trail between 9 Mile and 11 Mile Roads. Crews are working on completing the boardwalk installations and anticipating final coats of asphalt to be laid in late July.

August 24, 2018


March 21, 2018

Preparation work began on the Nine Mile-to-11 Mile Road Phase (formerly Phase 1B & 2) running from Nine Mile and Garfield Roads north to 11 Mile and Medilodge Connector. Work will begin at the southwest corner of Nine Mile and Garfield Roads – at the site of the future ITC Trailhead Park – with some tree removal.

October 2017

The ITC CSP Trail running from Eight Mile at southeast corner of ITC Community Sports Park north to the northeast corner of ITC CSP was completed.

ITC ContructionITC Corridor Construction 2017

Fall 2016

Phase 3B is complete, continuing along St. John Providence Park Hospital’s southern border from Medilodge Connector to Beck Road.

August 23, 2016

Phase 1A of the trail is fully complete, with the boardwalk open between ITC Community Sports Park and running northeast to Nine Mile and Garfield Roads.

ITC Corridor Trail Boardwalk

June 10, 2016

Phase 1A boardwalk support poles were installed as part of the path running from ITC Community Sports Park northeast to Nine Mile and Garfield Roads.

ITC Corridor ITC Corridor ITC Corridor


Maybury Connector was completed at Eight Mile by the Road Commission for Oakland County.
Phase 3A (ie. Medilodge Connector) was completed, running north from 11 Mile (east of Wixom Road) about 1/3 of a mile and then east to St. John Providence Park Hospital boundary.