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What's New in Community Development?

For further information on these Community Development Department updates, and other items of interest in Planning and Zoning in the City of Novi, please feel free to contact us at 248-347-0475.

- Master Plan Update 2016
- Landscape Ordinance and Landscape Design Manual Update 2017
- Thoroughfare Master Plan

 What's New - Master Plan Update 2016

On July 26, 2017, Novi’s Planning Commission adopted the City of Novi 2016 Master Plan Update.   The City’s Planning Commission and its Master Plan and Zoning Committee worked closely with staff and with the City’s Planning Consultant to update the Master Plan found here.

The Commission took a collaborative approach to the plan update, combining the experience of our Boards and Commission members, and gaining local knowledge of our residents and businesses at the Master Plan Community Open House.  Comments were also sought through a dedicated place on the City’s webpage, and through public engagement tools and internet surveys.  

Key components of this update include the Grand River Corridor Study, which was developed to identify and incorporate desirable aspects of community character, to promote economic vitality, and to recognize opportunities for development and redevelopment throughout the study area.  An important concept was to identify opportunities for mixed-use development, consistent with the areas planned for Town Center and Gateway East.  Pedestrian-oriented and transit-oriented elements were reviewed, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Town Center Area Plan.  Following the adoption of the Plan, the City has undertaken initial steps to create a Corridor Improvement Authority along Grand River Avenue, with the expectations that the vision identified in the Corridor Improvement Plan will be consistent with the recommendations of the Master Plan Update.  

For this Master Plan Update, the City has focused on identifying and prioritizing sites, neighborhoods and districts that may be positioned for redevelopment, infill development or adaptive reuse.  Redevelopment properties selected for special consideration included the Anglin property at the northeast corner of Grand River and Town Center Drive, properties near Old Novi Road and Thirteen Mile Road, as well as the West Grand River Avenue area from the Suburban Collection Showplace to Beck Road. 

Landscape Ordinance and Landscape Design Manual Update 2017

On June 5, 2017, City Council approved changes to the Landscape Section of the Zoning Ordinance (Section 5.5) and associated Landscape Design Manual under Text Amendment 18.283. City staff was engaged in a thorough review of the standards and proposed updates based on best practices while providing for attractive and sustainable landscaping throughout the City. The City Council packet can be found here highlighting the significant changes and the updated language and manual.
Effective date of the updated Landscape Ordinance and Landscape Design Manual: 
The City Council approved the second reading of the Landscape Ordinance and Design Manual at the June 5, 2017 City Council Meeting and the new Ordinance  becomes effective on June 22, 2017.
Ordinance Coverage:

  • Site plans that were in the pipeline and had received Preliminary Site Plan approval from the Planning Commission prior to June 22, 2017, or which had received Final Site Plan approval, or which received approval as a PRO Concept Plan from City Council will continue to be processed under the old ordinance.

  • Any Site plans that have not yet received Preliminary Site Plan approval as of June 22, 2017, plans that had been reviewed in concept meetings, or plans that had only been reviewed as Pre-applications will be processed under the revised ordinance.

Until the ordinance revisions can be incorporated into the on-line Zoning Ordinance, find PDF copies of the revised ordinance.
If you have any questions about the updates or how the new ordinance may affect you, please contact Landscape Architect, email Rick Meader or call 248-735-5621.