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Novi Studio VI
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Geographic Information Systems

The City of Novi has initiated a very comprehensive data collection program that is working in conjunction with a new Geographic Information System (GIS).  GIS is a computer system used for the storage, retrieval, analysis, and display of geographic information.  This information includes things or places within the city that have a location/geographic component such as addresses, buildings, parcels, roads, or natural features like Thumbnail image of sample GIS map.wetlands or woodlands.  Ongoing data collection has developed GIS into a very useful tool, enabling city staff to quickly view and analyze data, and create output products such as maps and charts.  Specific GIS applications are being developed in the areas of Water Distribution, the Sanitary Sewer System, Tornado Siren Coverage, and a Public Hearing Notification System.  These and other applications will continue to evolve and provide enhanced access to information for decision making.

One specific GIS project is the Federally funded "Rouge River Wet Weather Demonstration Project."  The goal of this project is to identify a number of water quality issues facing the Rouge River watershed, and develop strategies to reduce the amount of pollution entering the river.  The City of Novi GIS is mapping the storm drain network, monitoring equipment to measure storm water flow, and creating maps for a Community Emergency Action Plan if a hazardous spill were to occur.  Through these tasks the City of Novi will contribute to the ecological health of the Rouge River watershed, and help ensure cleaner water for generations to come.

We have many GIS maps available in the Community section of our website.