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Vistas of Novi Pavement Rehabilitation

Update - May 21, 2018

The first lift of asphalt on Brownstone Drive (from Meadowbrook to Hemmingway) did not take place Saturday as planned. The rainy weather and issues with the stone base and asphalt mix design held the contractor up. The plan now is to progress with re-prepping the grade and keeping an eye on the weather. Realistically, we may be in to Wednesday, May 23, before we see asphalt being placed. The contractor will not move on to Phase 2 (Brownstone from Hemmingway to Holmes & and Hemmingway from Brownstone to 13 Mile) until the first lift of asphalt is complete and Phase 1 is reopened.

The homeowners in this Special Assessment District are paying to have Brownstone Drive, Hemmingway Drive and Holmes Road completely rehabilitated in order for the City to take ownership and maintenance responsibilities.

The project is being split up into three phases as can be seen from the attached Phasing Plan: 1) the east half of Brownstone Drive (Meadowbrook Road to Hemmingway Drive), 2) Hemmingway Drive and the west half of Brownstone Drive and 3) Holmes Road.

The contractor, Hutch Paving, Inc. began in Phase 1 on Monday, May 7th. The contractor is nearly complete with the installation of the subbase underdrain and the concrete curb and gutter replacements. Next week, the contractor will begin preparations for paving by placing the base stone.

Phase 1 (slated to begin May 7) – Brownstone Drive from Meadowbrook Road, stopping short of the entrance to Twain Place. This area will be completely closed to traffic and access to and from Meadowbrook Road will not be available.

Phase 2 – Hemmingway Drive and Brownstone Drive. Construction along Hemingway is between the intersection of 13 Mile and Brownstone Drive. Construction along Brownstone Drive is between the end of Phase 1 and the start of Phase 3.

Phase 3 – Both Brownstone Drive and Holmes Road. Construction along Brownstone is between the end of Phase 2 and extending through the intersection of Holmes Road. Construction along Holmes Road is between the intersection with Brownstone Road and the intersection with 13 Mile Road.

The goal is to restore access to Meadowbrook before the 13 Mile Road Rehabilitation project begins. There may be some overlap on these projects though.

Projected/Estimated Date of Completion: July 6, 2018

 Vistas of Novi Pavement Rehabilitation Plan