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Novi Studio VI
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Vistas of Novi Pavement Rehabilitation

The homeowners in this Special Assessment District are paying to have Brownstone Drive, Hemmingway Drive and Holmes Road completely rehabilitated in order for the City to take ownership and maintenance responsibilities.

The project is being split up into three phases as can be seen from the attached Phasing Plan: 1) the east half of Brownstone Drive (Meadowbrook Road to Hemmingway Drive), 2) Hemmingway Drive and the west half of Brownstone Drive and 3) Holmes Road. Phase 2 is currently closed.

The first lift of asphalt is complete in Phase 1 and has been reopened. Phase 2 is currently closed. The contractor is making final preparations for the first lift of asphalt on Wednesday, June 20th on Phase 2. Once complete, the contractor will reopen Phase 2 and close Phase 3 (the final phase) shortly after.

Projected/Estimated Date of Completion: July 6, 2018

 Vistas of Novi Pavement Rehabilitation Plan