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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions as it pertains to road construction in the City of Novi. If your question is not on this list, feel free to shoot us an email at

Q - Will the contractor work in front of my house on weekends?
The project work hours (based on the City’s ordinances) are: Monday—Saturday, 7a.m. - 7p.m. Any variations from this need prior approval from the City’s Engineering Division and Building Official.

Q - Will I always have access to my driveway?
For the majority of the construction project, you will have access to your driveway. However, if concrete curb and gutter and/or roadway is replaced, the City recommends a 5-day minimum curing time with no disturbance to the concrete during this time. There also may be short periods during the day where you may not have access to your driveway due to street or utility construction, but generally driveways will be accessible by the end of the day. Property owners will be provided notification during the project when access to driveways will be restricted.

Q - Will my driveway be replaced along with this project? If so, will it be put back the same as it was before?
Driveways are NOT being considered for replacement as part of the Neighborhood Road Program, but in some cases where the successful completion of the roadway is affected by the condition of the drive, the approaches or portions of them may be replaced. The portion of your driveway disturbed by the project will be replaced as close as possible to its original location and configuration as existed prior to construction. Unique patterns or coloring will not be replaced.

Q - What if I want to replace my entire driveway?
It will be at the Contractor’s discretion if they wish to be involved in replacing individual property owner’s driveways. The property owner shall coordinate these improvements themselves with the contractor, including payment. Please contact the project representative for further details.

Q - Will delivery or removal service be disrupted (mail service, UPS/FedEx and trash service)?
The City will coordinate with the Post Office, delivery services and trash provider during periods of limited access (as deemed necessary). The property owner should continue putting out trash as normal.

Q - Where will I be able to pick up my mail?
At the start of construction, the contractor will install temporary mailboxes and residents will be notified of the location. The location of the temporary mailboxes is coordinated with the Post Office. During construction, any mailboxes which require removal will be reinstalled at the end of the project. In extreme cases, when the mail carrier cannot deliver to your mailbox, you will be able to pick-up your mail at the local Post Office.

Q - Will the areas of my lawn that are disturbed be replaced?
Roadway pavement, concrete curb and gutter and/or driveway replacement will involve (in most circumstances) only minimal disturbance (6 to 8 inches). Areas will be replaced with adequate topsoil, seed and mulch. The contractor is responsible for as long as necessary to insure that proper grass growth and coverage exists, at the satisfaction of the City and homeowner.

Q - Will I lose water or sanitary sewer service during construction?
At no time will a house not have water and/or sanitary sewer service.

Q - Will you be repairing or replacing sidewalks in front of my property along with this street construction?
The City will be evaluating all sidewalks within or immediately adjacent to the defined work areas. Priority will be given to sidewalk ramps at road intersections in order to comply with the Federal American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandate. Replacement or repair of other sidewalks will be on a case-by-case basis and as budget allows.

Q - Will the school bus pick up my children up at the same location?
The City will coordinate with the schools to determine if an alternate pick-up location is required during construction. If a new location is required, the affected residents will be properly notified.

Q - Where can I park my car(s) while access to my driveway is closed?
Construction of the roadways will take place half-width at a time. Therefore, access will be provided to the driveways opposite of the construction. When your driveway is not accessible due to roadway construction, you will need to seek an alternate parking location. It is highly recommended that you negotiate with your neighbor across the street and reciprocate when your neighbors are affected by the same construction.

Q - How are landscaping features and lawn irrigation systems dealt with during construction?
Before work starts, the homeowner must remove all non-compliant items located within the City’s right-of-way. The following table lists examples of compliant and non-compliant items that are frequently installed within the public right-of-way:

Item Compliant Non-Compliant Remarks
Brick Pavers   Yes Only asphalt/concrete pavement allowed within City righ-of-way

Boulders   Yes Vehicle safety hazard

Brick Mailboxes   Yes Vehicle safety hazard

Landscaping around mailbox or street trees   Yes Vehicle safety hazard

Sprinkler lines/heads Yes    

Asphalt/concrete driveway approaches Yes    

Standard mailboxes Yes    

Invisible fences (for Pets) Yes   City not responsible to replace


Any non-compliant items that are not removed by the homeowner, will be removed by the City’s contractor and placed on the homeowner’s property. Non-compliant items will not be reinstalled by the City. The City’s contractor will remove and replace compliant items. The contractor will remove sprinkler heads from the right-of-way, bag and tag them by address, and store them for subsequent reinstallation. In some cases, drive approaches may be repaved with in-kind materials (i.e., asphalt or concrete) and standard mailboxes will be reinstalled.