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Public Safety Employee of the Month

Public Safety Employee of the Month

March 2018

Public Safety Employee of the Month - Administrative Assistant Renee Landis
Public Safety Employee of the Month - Administrative Assistant Renee Landis
The Public Safety Administration would like to extend their appreciation and congratulations to Administrative Assistant Renee Landis on her nomination and selection as the Novi Public Safety Employee of the Month for March 2018.  Renee was nominated by the Police and Fire Executive Team and selected by the Implementation Committee for her professionalism, dedication, and resolve with regards to the annual Police and Fire Awards Ceremony.

The awards ceremony planning starts one year ahead of time.  From picking a date, to the ceremony itself, Renee single handedly coordinated all of the preparations. This year’s awards ceremony presented some extra ordinary challenges; the ceremony was moved to a new location, new banners were purchased, and the weather caused the awards ceremony to be postponed at the last minute.  Renee was instrumental in coordinating all of the deviations, ordering the new banners, and sending out the invitations.  When the ceremony was postponed, Renee quickly reserved a new date and ensured all of the attendees and special guests were immediately notified of the modification. 
Perhaps Renee’s most significant impact on the awards ceremony are the award certificates themselves.  Renee worked tirelessly for three weeks preparing and printing over 170 award certificates to be handed out during the event.  If not for her attention to detail and relentless efforts, the annual awards ceremony would not have been the success it was.

Renee is always willing to assist and take on duties beyond her job description.  Her determination and commitment to the award ceremony along with her daily duties are a key component to our success.  Renee is an asset to the Public Safety team and her behind the scenes efforts do not go unnoticed. The men and women of the Novi Fire and Police Departments applaud Renee on her work ethic, perseverance, and teamwork approach with everything she does.   Congratulations to Administrative Assistant Renee Landis, on being named Public Safety Employee of the Month - March 2018.  

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