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City of Novi
City of Novi

Strategic Themes and Long-Term Goals

Goals 2016

On January 9, 2016, at an Early Input Budget Session, the Novi City Council approved the following Strategic Themes and Broad Goal categories. This year City Council used a real-time online collaborative brainstorming application to anonymously brainstorm and prioritize goals into short-term goals (1-4 years) and long-term goals (5 or more years). The goals will be used to create the 2016-17 Proposed Budget.

Click on a letter below to see the goals. Hover over a goal to see the status.

Nurture Public Services that residents want and value
- Make Improvements at Lakeshore Park
- Accelerate Beck Road widening and other improvements
- Create a committee to study senior housing needs in Novi
- Complete the final segment of the 8 Mile Trail in the 2016-17 Budget
- Create a committee to study 10 Mile Road improvements and to approach the County
- Create Corridor Authority for Grand River Meadowbrook to Wixom and 12 Mile from Haggerty to Wixom
- Create a plan for Beck Road
- Act as a facilitator to get the Main Street development back on track
- Work with Road Commission to create a plan for the entire 10 Mile Road corridor that improves traffic flow while respecting residential areas
- Complete lTC Trail
- Evaluate need for additional senior citizen housing and determine if Novi wants to continue to provide these types of facilities or leave to private companies
Operate a World-Class and sustainable local government
- Create a permeant, dedicated CIP millage
- Have ordinance review committee review all city ordinances in a systematic manner
- Create and develop Novi Cable Commission
- Pursue additional shared services where we can save money or increase revenue through working with other governments to reduce redundancies
- Manage operational equipment and buildings via data driven decision making. Streamline turnover of large capital items such as Fire Trucks through strategic planning for obsolescence and wear, to even out year-to-year replacement costs
- Analyze land uses to identify which developments generate the most taxes and encourage those through zoning changes and incentives.
- Develop CIP-Iike plan for other financial obligations (pension fund, etc.)
Value / build a desirable and vibrant community for residents / businesses, now and into the future
- DPS Facility improvements
- Evaluate and modernize the senior transportation system to maximize efficiency
- Amend ordinances to require new residential developments to provide neighborhood parks 2
- Create Economic Advisory Board consisting of City Officials, community members
- Enhance promotion of local businesses to help drive further economic development Stakeholders
- Adopt a multi-year plan for upgrading all of our major commercial corridors (Grand River, Novi Road, 12 Mile) with streetlights, landscaping, etc. Make our main roads look good!
- Encourage and support in incubator or co-working space for small business startups
- Encourage development around Adell property
- Establish plan to revitalize Meadowbrook & Ten Mile retail area
- Revamp drain millage to expand purpose to include funding preservation of natural areas and acquisition of park land
Invest properly in being a safe community at all times for all people
- Create a committee that designs the plan to relocate Fire Station # 1
- Increase Public Safety Millage to 2.0 mil
- Add 1 Police Officer and 1 Fire Fighter in current budget year and next budget year
- Fund safety improvements for at least 2 of the top 10 dangerous intersections in 2016-17 budget
- Develop plan to relocate Fire Station 1
- Determine targets for police staffing levels for next 10 years
- Increase staffing and support for overnight fire services
- Fund safety improvements at all top 10 dangerous intersections