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Tree Pruning
Novi’s tree maintenance contractor pruning our street trees.

Tree Maintenance

Street Tree Planting

Commemorative Tree Program

Tree Maintenance

The City of Novi has established a tree maintenance program, which consists of the care and improvement of all trees on the public property. The goal is to prune each street tree once every five to seven years. Qualified personnel, led by the Forestry Asset Manager, perform this work. There is no charge to the adjacent property owner. Since trees are living and growing organisms, clearance problems may occur between pruning cycles. Individual requests can be made by the property owner then inspected the Forestry Asset Manager and scheduled for pruning.

All subdivisions are on a pruning schedule. A map of anticipated subdivision maintenance pruning map can be found in our Map Gallery.

Street Tree Planting

Recently planted trees in neighborhood.Trees provide many benefits to our community. They shade our homes during the hot summer months and help keep our houses warm in the winter, provide screening protection, slow down harsh winds, provide food and shelter for wildlife, and create natural air filters. Studies have shown that street trees increase real estate value.

Property owners may plant street trees by obtaining a Street Tree Permit, free of charge, from the Forestry Division. The Forestry Asset Manager will conduct an on-site inspection to determine where the trees can placed, recommend species for the site, and issue the permit.

Placement of trees in the boulevard area must accommodate proper distance between tree species with minimum distance from: intersections, fire hydrants, street lights, overhead and under-ground utilities, water service lines, mailboxes, street signs, and driveways. A list of acceptable tree species is available below.

 Novi Street Trees

Commemorative Tree Program

The City of Novi Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department commemorative tree program is a meaningful and distinctive way to pay tribute to a deceased loved one, to honor someone you love or respect, say thanks to a person or group, or to commemorate life events. A tree is a living, lasting gift that will grow in size and beauty each year and will be a constant remembrance of the reason it was given. The program is open to all members of the community and will involve the planting of trees in specified areas in City parks.  


The procedure for purchasing a Commemorative Tree is easy. The Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department has established the following simple steps:

1.  Please visit the City of Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department for an application or click below

 Commemorative Tree Order Form
a.    Upon completing the application, a $500.00 check payable to the City of Novi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department will be required.

2.  The City of Novi has selected specific locations. The purchaser can select which park the tree will be planted and can select a predetermined location.

3.  The City of Novi will order the tree from a local nursery or landscape business, order and install the commemorative plaque, and plant and maintain the tree.

4.  The City of Novi will notify the purchaser when the tree will be planted. Trees ordered November 1 through February 28 will be planted in the spring. Trees ordered March 1 through October 1 will be planted in the fall, depending upon the tree species.  


The size of the tree will vary by species averaging 1.75” to 2.5” . Trees will be planted, pruned, watered, mulched, fertilized, and staked by the City of Novi. After the tree is planted, the donor will receive a certificate with tree location.


Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Sweet Gum, Red Oak, Swamp White Oak,  Tulip Tree, Japanese Lilac Tree,  Redbud, Black Gum, White Pine, White Spruce
Note: All trees come with a two-year guarantee.


The plaques will be a 12” by 6” granite block, including up to 30 characters. Please feel free to visit us at the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department to see an example of the plaque.

Record Keeping:

A record will be kept in a database in the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department office of each tree sponsored. Each record shall include the following:

1.    Name, Address, and phone number of the donor.
2.    Date installed.
3.    Location.
4.    Wording on the plaque.
5.    Amount Paid.

Commitment to the Patron:

The City of Novi Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services will have the tree installed according to the above schedule upon receipt of donation. The plaque will be guaranteed for 10 years after the date of installation. If the tree is destroyed within 2 years it will be replaced without any additional cost. At the City’s discretion, if the tree dies after two years or is removed to make way for something else, the plaque may be moved to an alternate location as close as possible to the original location. If a plaque is reported missing within ten years, the City is responsible for replacing.