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City of Novi
City of Novi

Drive, Ride, Walk Novi
(road and non-motorized facility construction)


Drive, Ride, Walk Novi

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Also visit the Ride & Walk Novi page to find pathway/ sidewalk maps, Walkable Novi committee information, and the Non-Motorized Master plan.

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"Why Aren't They Working on My Road?" 
This video explains why roads go bad and why sometimes the worst roads aren't fixed first.


Links of Interest

MDOT Traffic Cameras

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MDOT’s Current Roads & Travel Conditions Site

Please continue to check this website which will be updated as possible, but MDOT has a more comprehensive (metro-wide) and current subscription service available.

In August 2012, Novi citizens overwhelmingly passed a road millage allowing for more than $5 million to be used in annual road and pathway investments. Funds will be used to maintain and improve neighborhood (subdivision/ side streets) and major municipal roadways (mile roads, Beck Road, etc.), and to make sidewalk and pathway connections.

Road millage funding began with the July 2013 summer tax bill and the 2014 road and pathway construction and repair plans reflect the increased funding. The City uses a formal asset management program that categorizes roads based on a Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating system (PASER). Roads in poor condition are candidates for reconstruction or rehabilitation. Those in fair condition receive capital preventive maintenance, while roads in good condition are candidates for routine maintenance work. The lowest rated roads in each of these categories are generally addressed first.

Spring Weight Restrictions

Spring Weight Restrictions beginning February 18, 2017
Update:  Weight restrictions will be lifted effective Monday, March 13th at 6am.

Weekly Update: November 23-30, 2016 (last for season)


I-275 Rehabilitation Project

South Hill Road closing over I-96 for bridge repair

Novi Public Projects Active

Novi Road Rehabilitation (12 to 13 Mile Roads)

2016 Neighborhood Road Program

Crescent Boulevard Reconstruction (Novi Road to Town Center Drive)

Karim Boulevard Reconstruction

Providence Park Connector Trail

Temporary Road Closures

Temporary Road Closures


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