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For Pete's SakeFor Pete's Sake is a blog by Novi City Manager, Pete Auger. Click here to subscribe to the Blog Digest.

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Council Meeting comments

Over the past few weeks, the Novi City Council has heard from several speakers taking issue with a local Novi business. The speakers are utilizing the Audience Comment portion of City Council meetings to voice their concerns, and questions have been raised as to why the members of Council do not respond. Per Council rules, the Audience Comment portion of the meeting is not a question-answer session. It is intended to provide the public with an opportunity to voice their thoughts with Council (both positive & negative) without fear of retribution. The lack of response from Council does not mean the members are not responsive to concerns and questions brought forth.

However, the City does follow up on all criminal complaints, and in this particular instance, the business in question has been thoroughly investigated by the Novi Police Department and our officers have determined that all the animals in the store are being cared for properly by a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. There is nothing that we have found in the store to even hint at a violation of our ordinances. The City of Novi works diligently to partner with each of our local businesses and we are aware of no basis at this time to interfere with the activities of this long-established and apparently law-abiding entity within our city.

Regarding the particular business in question, while there have been complaints from some customers, Council members have also heard from other community members praising this store for their              community service and commitment to quality customer service.

We appreciate and welcome ALL comments from the public and appreciate their value as we constantly strive to make Novi better.

Posted: 3/2/2017 by Pete Auger

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